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Mineral Sun Beach

Beach Packet

• Indoor/Outdoor DHA Bronzer
• Skin Energizing Caffeine & Ginseng
• Vitamin Rich Formula
• Anti-Orange Technology
• Dark Tan Enhancers
• Color Correcting Formula
• Antioxidant Rich Acai Berry Extracts
• Skin Softening Formula
• Just Beachy Fragrance



Beach Packet

More Information

No need to lust after that just from the beach bronze, it’s time to claim your color with MRI’s Mineral Sun Beach™! This indoor/outdoor dark bronzer utilizes multiple dark tan enhancers, Erythrulose plus walnut and caramel extract to provide for a tan from the tropics, anytime! This Island infusion utilizes Blue Tansy to help achieve a gorgeous golden glow without any pesky orange tones, while essential electrolytes and antioxidants quench the skin with essential lost hydration and nutrients. If
what you crave is coastal color, then allow Mineral Sun Beach™ to be your bronzing bestie!

Beach Packet

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